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    How to Delay escalation expiry date time?

    yari.formaggio Rookie

      Hi all,

      we have a specific need to be implemented in OLA calculation for the Incident Management Process.

      I try to explain the need with an example.

      We have 2 support groups, each with a specific OLA based on the Incident Severity (I report the OLA matrix):


      - GROUP A

           Severity: 1 --> A 3H OLA

           Severity: 2 --> A 5H OLA

           Severity: 3 --> A 8H OLA


      - GROUP B

           Severity: 1 --> B 4H OLA

           Severity: 2 --> B 8H OLA

           Severity: 3 --> B 16H OLA


      We use Assignment Escalation Type because we need to start an OLA only when the incident is assigned to that specific group.

      We have designed one response Level foreach of the OLA matrix. So in this case we have 6 Response levels. Every response level had a escalation Point with 100% time set to breach. Escalation is set to re-use escalation point.

      We set 6 different Rules to match the OLA matrix.


      Imagine that a new Incident Process of severity 2 is opened and the first assignment is to GROUP A. The system creates an escalation point of type "A 5H OLA" and set minutes to breach attribute to 299.

      Imagine that after 60 minutes the incident is re-assigned to GROUP B. The system set "A 5H OLA" to Complete and then create "B 8H OLA" and set the time to breach to 479.


      Imagine that after 10 minutes GROUP B re-assignes the incident to GROUP A. In this case the system set "B 8H OLA" to Complete and then update "A 5H OLA" to Open, without changing the expiry date time.


      Now our specific need:

      in the example above the time used by GROUP B is "stolen" to GROUP A in case of reassignment.

      Our need to update the Expiry Date time of the "A 5H OLA" adding the time spent by other groups.

      In this case GROUP A should have a total of 5 hours to manage this incident. It doesn't matter how many other groups spend time on it after assignments.

      (we can't untick "re-use escalation option because every time the incident is reassigned to the same group, their clock will be reset)


      Have you any idea on how to achieve our goal?



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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          If you untick the “re-use” checkbox, does it then work as expected with the exception of the reassign to same group issue?



          MarXtar Ltd

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            yari.formaggio Rookie

            No Julian, because if I untick the "re-use" checkbox everytime the incident is reassigned to the same group, the timer will reset.

            The concept is that a single group may has a specific amount of time (for example 5H for a severity 2 incident) to spend on a incident, regardless of how any time that incident is reassigned to that group. Moreover, during assignment to other groups, the timer should be stopped for the first group (imagine a chess game, i play my move and then i stop my timer, you play your move and then you stop your timer and so on...it's more or less the same concept we need to implement).