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    Trying to Provision a bare Metal Device defined with Serial Number

    MicahLong Apprentice

      Another day, another issue it seems. In provisioning, we define Bare Metal devices by serial number, then create the task and drag the bare metal machine to the task. We pxe boot the machine and it picks up the task automatically, normally. Today, no tasks are picking up correctly when the bare metal device is defined by a serial number. When a bare metal device is defined by a MAC address though, it works correctly. This is not a viable solution for us though.


      the error we get is PXE E-21: Remote Boot Cancelled. When I looked this error up, it said to make sure there were not devices with that serial number already, and also make sure there are no other tasks associated with that serial number. I have verified both of these. Is there anything else that could make this functionality stop working all of a sudden?