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        barryirageller Rookie

        Sounds odd to me, too; re not being able to schedule contacts in the same record. What other purpose is there for the feature, than of course just "having them in the same place,"    But if one cannot schedule individually than It would appear its practical application is no longer there. You either need to get some custom work done from someone like Doug Castell (I am quite out of the loop these days) or Scream! loudly to Management. Nonsense! Just someone who is Not a User making command decisions on arbitrary perception. Scream! It was a lack of perception of B2B customer needs which destroyed Telemagic's Window's launch (in 1995), which gave way to the founding coder of GM to find his networking niche and take over the market. The mind boggles sometimes. Has the great networking vision of GM been lost?

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          barryirageller Rookie

          Davey Daemen, I respectfully disagree.  You sound really bright on GM features. However, If you will re-read what she wrote you will hear that Laurie's business -- especially her managers in the field -- depend upon being able to work with the collective elements of each record -- as an integrated group. Separate, but networked as a total unit. GM has taken out her ability to network with the "single to many." As an old consultant, I would *never* recommend to a client to change their way of doing business to accommodate any software. In fact, she is now faced with making a decision to drop Goldmine and find something else. I am surprised you do not see that. It is the sole reason she is on the Forum. Perhaps you can help by speaking to Management in some way?


          Cdomen, you are absolutely correct. It is a structural thing, completely.

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            barryirageller Rookie

            James, I understand your point of view -- but you were taught "theory" as I was -- but the bottom line about "theory" is that it is not always the best solution in practice. The cutting edge is when one develops one's own software which has to work with existing customer's Reality and methods of practice. You admit you rarely use the main features which Laurie's company has thrived upon, yet are totally willing to bandy about advice which does not solve her CORE problem. The Rollup feature is very handy -- for those of us who want to temporarily merge Single records into a Group, including me personally. No doubt the I***T who cut out the main features of Laurie's needs felt just like you and davey. But your solution is but a band-aid to her and heralds her company coming up with a totally different CRM software solution for their needs. You do not see that?


            I;ve been in the government sector (as in always paying a contract) for quite some years -- and they would always change everything they do on a good sales pitch, as long as it was within the budget, lol. But private sector companies, like Laurie's, do not need "theory"; only practical solutions to what they are actually having problems with. GM made a serious mistake in cutting out a key networking application in this case. If I was their consultant I would either backout of "Web" to an earlier working version for their needs -- and scream to Management for correction -- or simply find a new CRM software app and hire a conversion master to bring all their stuff over -- and get back to doing their business, without further impediments.

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              Hi Barry,


              Let's start with saying I agree. And I do also agree to never adjust your work processes to the software.


              I'm also looking to what GoldMine can do, instead of would/should. And the future. E-mail marketing is important as the law involving needs you to collect data like opt-in, opt-out (reasons) etc. That's why I'm recommending not to use additional contacts in the first place. Purely from a marketing view.


              If we look at GoldMine itself then I believe we should, now, look at a solution at hand and not in the future.
              See what is possible to have her work in the best way possible for the current situation, including the business as remote working (sync / web), marketing, etc.
                You seem to know GoldMine well but I don't see you giving her answers.

              What do you suggest she should do and based on what?

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                barryirageller Rookie

                Hi Davey. I mentioned general suggestions in my post to James. I have always excelled at finding out what a client really needs and getting there. I would have to really analyze Laurie's company operations before saying much more. It was not my intention to criticize your input & sorry if you took it that way. Just wanted to help, is all. One never knows what the exact solution(s) are until a deep review is made. About 8 years ago I was brought in to give a 2nd bid on an e-commerce system which already had a bid for $40,000 -- not much in some circles but for a company grossing about 300,000 per year, meaningful. The owner was ready to spend because his existing setup was not allowing him to do everything he wanted because, like Laurie, a major feature important to him was not working in an upgrade.  Upon a review I spotted an area which I wanted him to look further into, with the original company. Turns out, and I am sure all of us has had this experience, my perception was correct and a fix was able to be made rather quickly which solved the man's problems and put his staff back to work. Was I sad I'd just wrote myself out of a good contract? No way! He paid me for a couple hours of consultation and we are still good friends today. Indeed it was the other consultant who was pissed he lost a sale, lol. Because that is all he cared about. More important to me was finding out exactly what client needed to do to do for his own business. I have no loyalties to anything, even my own software, if it does not solve the problem at hand. That's all. Like I said to James, IMHO faced with the current impediment to their core field operations, band aid fixes which change their business to accommodate Web, may just not be the way to go. Better to back down to an earlier working version, go on with things, and have strong talks with GM's development team until Real fixes are at hand. Doesn't sound like her consultant was very present to navigate the potential gotcha's -- or at least set up a testing development install before jumping in and discovering the problems in real time. In fact it doesn't sound to me she was using any knowledgeable GM consultant at all, before she did the upgrade. Or she got sold the upgrade without looking into the potential problems. How would I know? But to me, in my experience, I would rather pop her into another CRM package which suited her needs, if GM were no longer interested in fixing their mistaken judgement calls. I am sure there are many who will disagree, like yourself. That is ok with me. I will shut up now :-)

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                  vicki.walline SupportEmployee

                  Mr. Gellar,


                  GoldMine Web is a new interface included with GoldMine Premium that allows users to connect to their database via a browser from their desktop, a tablet, or a smart phone.  GoldMine Premium is still available and the ability to schedule activities for additional contacts has not been removed. You may wish to check out www.GoldMine.com for an overview of GoldMine Web. 


                  As we are building GoldMine Web, we are releasing features and functions as they are ready. For many users, the features currently available meet most of their needs and they are able to use Web most of the time.  If a needed feature is not available in GoldMine Web then the user can still use GoldMine Premium.  Some users may prefer to only use GoldMine Premium until GoldMine Web has more of the functions they need. We encourage users to let us know what additional functionality would assist them in their use of GoldMine Web.  Anyone with a current maintenance contract can contact our Support team via phone, email, or our self-service portal to log their requests. 


                  I appreciate your participation in our new community and your input into this conversation. At times, there will be differing viewpoints and expressing those is a great way for us all to learn.  Let's all make sure that we keep our comments focused on on the topic and refrain from negative comments directed towards individuals.


                  Best regards,

                  Vicki Walline

                  GoldMine Product Manager

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                    vicki.walline SupportEmployee

                    Hi Meredith.  To clarify, were you looking into GoldMine Cloud or GoldMine Web?  GoldMine Cloud is a virtual desktop allowing access to GoldMine Premium with all functionality available.  GoldMine Web is a new interface included with GoldMine Premium that allows users to connect to their database via a browser from their desktop, a tablet, or a smart phone.  Our website www.GoldMine.com has information about both.  Your GoldMine partner can also answer questions to help you determine what will work best for you and your company.  

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                      BJeffe Apprentice

                      Hi Laurie,


                      I'm getting in on this a little late especially since Doug and both Barry's covered things quite well but I just wanted to add a couple of things.  First; you can not search for Additional Contacts in GoldMine Web - not even by last name.  In fact, you can't even search for Primary Contacts by last name unless you use a trick I will be glad to share if you contact me directly at [email protected].  The lastname search, and other search criteria, is supposed to be added in a future release.  Hopefully that will be soon. Second; I' m building on Barry C's suggestion about using both methodologies of - one company record with all contacts as you have done in the past; and a contact record for each contact even though it means duplicate Company names in the system.  One thing I suggest to my clients in making the decision is to ask the question; how much interaction, calls, appointments, next actions, sales, email, do I think I will have with this specific contact?.. and if the answer is a lot then strongly consider creating a separate contact record. It will be far easier to review their History on their own record than (as you know) trying to sort it out from a history co-mingled with 100's of others - especially when not all GM users are careful about making sure things are properly identified by the contacts name.  One way to evaluate the contact is rather they are responsible for making buying decisions - if so then you will undoubtedly be interacting with them a lot.  Contacts that you rarely interact with can still be maintained as Additional Contacts on the master Company record. Which brings up another thought; I have also used a custom field to identify the Record Type such as Master and Additional (not necessarily the same as Contact Type although you could creatively make them one and the same). That sounds redundant I'm sure when you have the Relationship tab but you don't always have that tab in focus so it's helpful to have a color coded custom field that identifies the Record Type at first glance when you hit the record.

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                        paul.petersen SupportEmployee

                        Please don't forget that with the Relationships (which can be set up to link Primary Contacts by dept, location or other user defined grouping) that the Account roll up allows you to essentially filter the contacts and activate as a group ( for reporting or email for example) and can see all activities for both linked contacts and all users (then can be filtered by tyoe or user) so that  you can get a complete picture of activities in one relationship tree -- say all foretasted sales within a relationship that might be a national account: many primaries and different end users.


                        the strength of a Primary contact is that it is more easily accessed for marketing purposes as an individual -- and for Outlook Integration. as a historical note (and i have used GoldMine since 1994 -- and have worked on it for 16 some years) addl contacts was originally mean tto be people some how related to the primary but not someone you would sell or market to -- such as an admin asst, spouse, etc --  over the years, users found a way to use it as a short cut org tree (though that feature existed for many years it was well hidden).


                        Our road map includes begin able to schedule against addl contacts in 2016.1 (late spring) -- and we are researching ways to provide a better way to manage account relationships.


                        vicki.walline also makes a good point that our current customers need to be aware: we realize we cant rebuild every feature right away -- so if it works for you in PE< continue there and  use iGoldMine, RDP, for now while we get there.  Part of design plan is not to replicate every feature as is but also to look at what a new user might find preferable. a delicate balance for us..

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                          I am using the two methods. additional contacts and relationship/organization tree all depends on the contact itself and what kind of activities I have with the contact so it all depends on what you want to achieve.

                          I start with additional contact when I have more then primary contact and when needed convert it to a record

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