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    Some Outlook plug-in users have Outlook hang

    DGelfu Apprentice

      4 of our 20 users are having an issue where Outlook locks up several times per day when the Goldmine plug-in for Outlook is enabled.  It was happening on two machines when on 2015.1 and 2 more after upgrade to 2015.2.


      Windows 7

      GM 2015.2

      Outlook 2010

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          CStein1 Rookie

          We seem to have the same problem. Any ideas what the cause is and how to resolve it would be welcome.

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            This is a prevalent problem in various incarnations with most of 18 Users and GMPlus.  In order to maintain functionality with 2015.2, WIN7 UAC has to be set to minimum and all Office programs run as Administrator.  This is not a solution, just a work around by GoldMine

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              Tom is correct.

              Also, when the problem remains, please try the following

              Close GoldMine, Word, Office etc. and try and delete everything in the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft_Corporation folder (Not the folder itself, only the content).  Then start GoldMine and Outlook. Note that starting Outlook the first time might be slower.

              If that doesn't work try to uninstall the office links of GoldMine and re-install them.

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                michaela.witters SupportEmployee



                whenever Outlook Integration does not work as expected, it may have several root causes starting from environmental factors up to already discovered or not yet discovered issues.  


                There is a Knowledge Article # 11176 in our Heat Software Self Service portal which describes / provides what you could already look up and verify in your GoldMine system, but in the end if you still experience the behavior I strongly recommend to gather the related Outlook Integration logs either review them - especially the GMOutlookLog.txt and when you are on current maintenance to contact your partner or GoldMine Technical Support with providing the Outlook Log files with a description when and what happened at the specific time for the specific user/machine (Knowledge Article # 11114 provides more detailed information about gathering Outlook integration log files (especially for Terminal Server environments) but here the short instructions.


                1. Via File Explorer verify/create a folder C:\ProgramData\GoldMine (on Windows 7/Windows 2008 Server the folder C:\ProgramData already exists but might be hidden)
                2. Create the following text files (please make sure to consider to display file extensions in file explorer as otherwise you may create GMOutlookLog.txt.txt which will leave the file empty when testing)
                3. perform test/actions (prevent as much additional activity as possible)
                4. Close Outlook after your test
                5. make a copy of the log files as Outlook will reset them to 0 KB when starting Outlook again


                If the behavior is experienced only with certain emails make sure to provide the related E-mail message as msg-file 



                I hope this helps