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    Upgrading from Goldmine 6.7 single user?

    breezyr54 Rookie

      I have Goldmine 6.70.70226 and now it is no longer functioning as my Contact2.dbf file is apparently corrupted and all my additional contacts are no longer accessible. I need to get something to be compatible with Windows 10 but as I am a single user I wish to have the lowest cost, simplest version of Goldmine that will work with Windows 7 or 10. I was using 6.7 with Windows 7  with no real issues except it had to be manually copied and targeted for the exe file

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          KSmith1 SupportEmployee

          Brent and Rena

          we do have single user special pricing for users who would like to upgrade from an older version of GoldMine, or who are just looking for a single user version of a CRM that is easy to use and that they can own and install on their computer.

          The pricing is $549.  The current single user version is GoldMine Premium 2015.2 and it will work on Windows 7 and later (yes it supports Windows 10 as well as the latest version of MS Office).  This version is a download copy and it does not include tech support or upgrades from Frontrange.  That being said if you wish you can purchase Maintenance (what we call tech support and upgrades) for a period of 12 months for a cost of $417.  Optionally, you can also receive support from one of our authorized GoldMine Partners (they can sell you the single user license as well as assist you in installing or migrating your data over for a incremental cost).

          If you would like any further info you can email me at [email protected] or visit our partner page at GoldMine | GoldMine CRM Partners  to find a partner in your area (please note that partners that sell and stock the single user lics have a icon beside their name to indicate as such).

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            JDymon Apprentice

            Regarding your Corrupted Contact2 database file, do you have a backup of your GoldMine installation/folder?
            If so you can just recover the Contact2 database file. I'd suggest working with a GM partner like ourselves to determine why the corruption occured, so that it doesn't happen again. Once your data is recovered your 6.7 version can be upgraded/converted to a more current/supported version of GoldMine Preimium Edition that is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

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              You stated your additional contacts are unaccessable.  they are located in the contsupp table, not contact2 table.

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                DHunt Specialist

                I agree with Jill in that the Contact2 & ContSupp ( RecType C ( Additional Contacts )) are not related.


                ...Fix the corruption in your Contact2 table by comparing it to your ContUDef table.


                ...The Contact2 Field Names should match one table to the other.


                ...You should not have any Duplicate Field Names in the Contact2 Table.


                ...You should not have any Field Names in the Contact2 Table that start with any Numeric Values or Special Characters.


                Many would have you believe that you can't run GoldMine 6.70.70226 in Windows 10 as this is not Supported.  They would rather have you update to GoldMine Premium which is Supported on Windows 10, and that would normally be my recommendation as well.  However, some of my clients just cannot afford to Upgrade or don't have the equipment to allow for the Upgrade.


                If you have the Contact2 Table such that it can be Rebuilt successfully, and you have applied the GMW6.exe Year hack then you should be able to run GoldMine 6.70.70226 in Windows 10 with a few limitations.


                If all that you use GoldMine for is Contacts, Calendar & POP3/SMTP E-mails then you can use GoldMine 6.70.70226 on Windows 10.  You probably won't be able to use Macros or Reports and a couple of other features, but most of the basic features will function.  I do, however, highly recommend that you upgrade to GoldMine Premium as soon as you are able to.


                Oh, and keep an eye on the Mailbox.dbt file.  You must purge old E-mails if that file is approach the dBase 2 GB limitation.


                With that out of the way, what is your issue with your Additional Contacts?




                By the way, I have always recommended that you DO NOT use the Additional Contacts area, but instead create a Contact Record for everyone linking the appropriate records on the Organization/Relationship Tree.