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    Goldmine Attachments in Goldmine Web Gets "Something's Gone Wrong" Message

    TPorte Apprentice

      When using Goldmine Web to view an email and then trying to view the attachment to that email, I am getting the "Something's Gone Wrong" message.  (See below)


      We are sorry. Something has gone wrong.


      The page you have requested cannot be found.

      What could have caused this?
                                                              We might have moved the page.
                                              Or the link you clicked might be old.
                                              Or you might have accidentally typed the wrong URL.


      What can you do?
                                              You might want to try retyping the URL again.
                                              Or we can take you back to the home page.


      The email attachment in question is actually one I sent, so I do have access to the original file.  Goldmine Premium Edition 2015, Goldmine Web.