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    What value should I use in the LinkedIn field?

    RGodfr Apprentice

      Knowledge Base Issue and Resolution #16982 states "To find the LinkedIn ID for a contact, view the contact’s profile in LinkedIn and copy the number shown in the browser address bar after “id=”."  I've followed these instructions for years with success.  Even though the url format has changed over time, you can still decipher the LinkedIn ID from the url.


      Recently I've noticed some LinkedIn ID's are numeric and some are alpha-numeric.  The numeric LinkedIn ID's work with the GM+View, the alphanumeric LinkedIn ID's do not.  Has anyone found a solution for the alphanumeric LinkedIn ID's?

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          TPorte Apprentice

          RGodfr When I am viewing profiles in LinkedIn, I am seeing nothing but alpha, have they changed this since you could designate a unique URL for your profile?  And what is the workaround?

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            RGodfr Apprentice

            I don't believe there is a good workaround at this time.  I submitted a ticket to GoldMine/HEAT and received the following response...


            Thanks for your submission and I have the following information/suggestions regarding your incident.

            Unfortunately LinkedIn changed their profile value convention as you have recognized and this has been already logged as RM 234710 with our Development as the default LinkedIn (ULINKEDIN) is too short for those values.

            This is a NOTIFICATION of an inclusion to an existing RM issue

            Your incident was added to RM Issue *** 234710 ***

            The date of the addition was  03/23/2016

            The following description is a generalization of the RM issue # 234710 as a whole and should be in strong relation to what you experienced but may not completely identical to your reported behavior. Please take the time to review the below submission and provide us a feedback if you do feel that your experienced behavior does not match the below information or if you want to add further details.

            Linkedin changed the ID value from a 6 digit numeric value to an encrypted and much longer value, which does not fit anymore in ULINKEDIN  field



            It seems that LinkedIn changed the way to present the ID which is also the value which should be applied in GoldMine.

            I have found the following in a discussion thread about this change http://community.linkedin.com/questions/165372/how-to-find-my-linkedin-id-from-my-profile.html?page=2&pageSize=10&sort=votes

            It appears LI started encrypting the user id around July 2015. That's the last date I can find online when someone referenced a profile link in the form
            https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=882959[additional string values]

            Now they appear to be encrypted in the form you provide above,
            https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=AAkAAAM6MWwBJ3Ij79gLYHzXC9hfTk7p_XJadhs[additional string values]

            As of Nov 2015, I haven't been able to find any post or other reference online that confirms this change. So, if anyone here can, please post it.

            [STEPS TO PREPARE]
            1. Browse to Linked in website - https://www.linkedin.com
            2. Search for Michaela Witters
            3. As GoldMine expects for the current functionality in the GM+View and GMWeb Linkedin icon only the ID= value >> make a note of the found ID for Michaela Witters >> AAkAAAM3OZEB5QL589xbHKG4YU23fSTKyq_qpeo

            when looking at KM Article # 16982 one can see that originally ID values where numeric and much shorter, for example for Paul Petersen id=882985, and while these IDs still work , verify with https://linkedin.com/profile/view?id=882985
            it is seems not to be possible anymore to find out the old and shorter ID

            [STEPS TO REPRODUCE]
            1. Open GoldMine
            2. Browse to any contact record
            3. try to paste the found ID for Michaela Witters into the LinkedIn field  - AAkAAAM3OZEB5QL589xbHKG4YU23fSTKyq_qpeo
            >> RESULT: The value is truncated as the field does have by definition only 30 characters
            >> The LinkedIn GM + View Profile feature does not open the correct LinkedIn profile
            >> The GMWEB LinkedIn icon will not open the correct LinkedIn page

            not applicable as this is a change from Linkedin and since the field existed it always is by definition only 30 characters long

            While it was suggested currently to one single partner the following is not a real valid workaround as it is requires a lot of additional effort and maintenance and attention. The problem is that the ULINKEDIN field is different than other Userdefined fields setup by a customer a GoldMine 'SYSTEM' field and defined in the DATADICT.XML. While it is possible to extend the ULINKEDIN easily via the Field Properties and this will work for the realted functionalities, once there will be a Rebuild via Tools >> Databases >> Maintain Database performed, the field will be automatically reset to 30 characters, which means the existing values will be truncated in any case... 

            - for now a 'temporarily' solutions we suggest to extend the ULINKEDIN field via the following steps  

            1. Make sure to have a full running backup of the database
            2. Make sure that all users are logged out of GoldMine and all related services and/or application are closed
            3. Login with master rights
            4. Tools >> Configure >> Custom Fields
            5. Browse and highlight ULINKEDIN (currently a Character 30 field)
            6. Button Properties
            a. Change the char 30 value to an appropriate longer value (I did change it to 100 in my test)
            b. OK
            7. Button Rebuild >> OK
            8. Login again (preferred with master rights) and verify that now the length of ULINKEDIN is adjusted to 100 (or your desired value) is available
            9. If applicable and/or desired right click on the LinkedIn field >> Properties >> Tab Layout >> adjust the data size or location as desired >> OK

            Although from a programmatic perspective there should be no side effects - GM+View and the Linkedin icon in GMWEB worked as expected - this field is an introduced 'system' field and is defined as character 30 in the DataDict.XML file. This file cannot be edited without getting an error when starting GoldMine.

            Therefore on any rebuild attempt from the database maintenance feature, GoldMine will reset the field to character 30. So it is highly recommended to
            1. document the change and necessary actions prior a rebuild or an upgrade
            2. prior any further rebuilt from the database maintenance feature and also on any upgrade
            a. either make sure to have made a global replace into a long enough additional user defined field
            b. or even to put a LOOKUP.INI in place which constantly makes a kind of shadow copy of the field content into an additional user defined field and prior rebuilding or upgrading make sure that the certain section commented out so that no further changes are performed
            3. after the rebuild make sure that the ULINKEDIN will be re-configured with the above steps to a longer field
            4. Make a global replace from the additional user defined field back into the ULINKEDIN field


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              TPorte Apprentice

              Wow, thanks for that follow-up, RGodfr!