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    Configuration of lookup




      We have a doubt in how to delete an section of specific database in the lookup.ini file.


      We create an additional section (attached image color blueCaptura.PNG) in the lookup.ini file but now we want to delete it so we can use the other sections that goldmine offers.

      How we can remove sections that we created?


      we have tried selecting the option + delete but continuous database that field. I'll need to erase not only from design but also directly from the database?.


      Thanks for everything

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          DHunt Specialist

          Are you trying to Delete the two fields?


          If so, you can do this via Tools | Configure | Custom Fields...


          Are you trying to take them off of the screen, but keep them in the Database?

          If so, you can do this via Tools | Configure | Custom Screens...



          Are you trying to Remove the Value contained in those fields?

          If so, you can do this via the Lookup.ini by replacing each field with space(0)






          The hard part here is to Define a Trigger that will cause these functions to process if you want this done Automatically.

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            Thank you, I could configure