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    Cases in GoldMine Web 2016.1

    vicki.walline SupportEmployee


      GoldMine Web 2016.1 introduces phase 1 of Cases.  A Cases section is available on Contact records to access Cases related to the specific Contact.  A CASES page is available to access all Cases based on user security.  Case records are available to view field data for a selected Case. 


      Contact Record > Cases Section

      • Similar to other Contact record sections (E.g. Details, Additional Contacts, Opportunities, etc.)
      • Located just below the Opportunities section
      • Collapsed by default
        • Expand section to view list of Cases for the Contact
        • Collapse/expand to refresh
        • On small screens, access/expand by selecting Cases from ‘go to’ hyperlink on Contact record

      • Available fields:  Case Number, Subject, Priority, Status
      • Ordered by : cases.status asc, cases.due_date asc

      • Select any Case to open Case record
      • View All hyperlink
        • Select to access Cases List filtered by Contact record
        • Title bar displays Company name


      Cases List

      • Access by navigation bar, Menu overlay, or View All hyperlink
      • Defaults to logged in user’s Open Cases
        • Open Cases have a status of Assigned, Reassigned, or Escalated
      • All Cases may be viewed; there is no maximum limit
        • Filter by any user
        • Filter by any status
        • Filter by Contact record by selecting View All hyperlink from Contact record > Cases section
      • Available columns: Case Number, Type, Subject, Company, Priority, Status, Deadline, and Owner
        • Customized labels are respected
        • Select the column header to sort 
        • Company hyperlinks to Contact record 
      • Action column to Escalate, Complete (Resolve or Abandon), or Edit a Case


      Case Record

      • Available fields:  Case Number, Subject, Company, Contact, Description, Status, Owner, Deadline, Priority, Category, Type, Origin, Offering, and Date Submitted
        • Custom labels are respected
      • Edit icon opens Case to edit Subject, Description, Deadline, Priority, Category, Type, Origin, and Offering field data
      • Checkmark icon allows the user to Resolve or Abandon the Case
        • User must select Resolve or Abandon from the Status dropdown to enable the OK button
        • Resolution Type and Note can be added
        • Email can be sent to Contact
      • Fire icon allows the user to Escalate the Case
        • Email can be sent to owner
      • Pencil icon beside Owner field allows the user to reassign the Case.
        • Email can be sent to new owner


      Cases Email Notifications

      • All email notifications sent when a Case is Reassigned, Escalated, Abandoned, or Resolved are sent from the GoldMine server.
      • A user must have an email account configured in GoldMine Premium to:
        • Send an email to the Contact when Resolving or Abandoning a Case
        • Send an email to another user when the other user has selected to receive emails by email server
      • A spinner may be displayed while the server sends the email
        • Sent emails are seen in the History section of the associated Contact record  
        • If the server is unable to successfully send the email an error notification will be displayed
          • Messages that fail to send are seen in the Pending section of the Contact record as a queued email
          • Queued emails can be sent from GoldMine Premium
      • When a Case is Reassigned or Escalated to a user with the option to use GoldMine messaging configured, the sending user is not required to have an email account configured in GoldMine Premium 



      • When a Case has a status update, a history item is created to track the change as in GoldMine Premium
      • Cases are only available when the Contact Set database matches the GoldMine base database
        • If a user has most recently accessed a Contact Set in GoldMine Premium that does not match the Base database and logs into GoldMine Web, a warning notification is displayed informing the user that the Contact database does not match GoldMine database


      Coming in Future

      • Add a new Case
      • Access to Pending , History, and other sections from the Case record
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          shanej09 Rookie

          Hello, do you know if a deleted email will stay in the contact's history in Goldmine?

          • 2. Re: Cases in GoldMine Web 2016.1
            DHunt Specialist

            That really depends on the version of GoldMine sort of.  For instance, if you are using GoldMine Premium then Deleting an E-mail also Deletes the History record. 


            Now if you have GoldMine dBase then until you Emptied your Deleted Folder the History record would remain, however, empty that Deleted Folder and away goes the History Record.


            I hope that answers your question.

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              John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

              The short answer: 


              If you're purely using GoldMine's email, no, it will NOT stay in History.  Email on the History tab is effectively the same component as an email in the Email Center. Delete one and you delete the other.


              If you are using Outlook with the GoldMine add-in and are "linking" emails from Outlook to GoldMine, then you can safely delete the email in Outlook, and the copy in GoldMine will stay in GoldMine.


              Hope this feedback helps.

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                jessicas Rookie

                Hi.  I am using GoldMine Premium and am having an issue with emails not showing up in my Outloook inbox when a Case is reassigned.  Both another member of my company and I have tested reassigning a case to myself, making sure the Email option is checked off, but I receive no email in my Outlook application (I checked both my junk mail and spam folders and there is nothing in either).  I sent out a test email to myself just through the Email Center in GM and receive that one, so I know my email is set up properly.  The logs for the Reassignments are showing up in the History tab with no indication of an error. Would you please help me troubleshoot this?