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    Search in GoldMine Web 2016.1

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      Refine Contact List

      GoldMine Web 2016.1 introduces the ability to refine the list of Contact records displayed in the Contact List.  A user can perform a search based on desired criteria for selected CONTACT1 or CONTACT2 fields or can select a Filter or Group created in GoldMine Premium.  After a Filter or Group is selected, the user can apply more criteria to further narrow the list of Contact records. 


      Refine by Field Criteria

      • A Refine hyperlink is available for selection when viewing the Contact List.
      • Select the hyperlink to
        • Expand the Refine section on large screens.
        • Open the Refine overlay on small screens.

      • The first step to refine the Contact list by field criteria is to define the area in GoldMine Web where the field is viewed. The From dropdown allows the user to select:
        • Main Contact Information – the top section of the GoldMine Web Contact record.
        • Any Fields screen – the second section of the GoldMine Web Contact record.


      • Next, the user can select a field from the find dropdown. 
        • Field labels for Main Contact Information are based on the default Record Type’s specified Primary Fields.  If no label is configured, the database field name is used.


      • Next, the user can select a search operator from the that dropdown.
        • For text (varchar) fields, the available operators are: begins with, contains, does not contain, is, is not.
        • For date and numeric fields, the available operators are:  is, is not, is greater than, is lesser than.


      • The user can now enter the desired value or select from the lookup list or calendar. 
      • The user can search by clicking the Apply button or can add further criteria by selecting the plus icon.
        • When multiple criteria are entered and the Apply button is selected a search is done for records that match ALL selected criteria. Multiple selections are joined by AND.
      • When a user has applied a refined search, the Contact List will display only the records that meet the search criteria.
        • On a large screen, the Refine section remains expanded so that the user can see or edit the search criteria.
        • On a small screen, the header will indicate a search result is being displayed and the user can select Refine to see or edit the criteria.


      • After a user selects a contact record to view from the list of results, the Back to results hyperlink allows the user to return to the results list at the same page that was last viewed and with the selected order still set.


      Refine by Filter or Group

      • The Contact List can be refined to list only Contact records belonging to a selected Filter or Group created in GoldMine Premium.
        • Select the Filters or Groups dropdown to access the User selector and the Filters or Groups belonging to the selected user. 


        • When a Filter or Group is selected
          • on large screens, it is automatically applied.
          • on small screens,  select the Apply button to close the overlay and view.
        • Only a single Filter or Group can be applied at one time. If another Filter or Group is selected, the currently selected Filter or Group will be deselected/released.


      Refine by Field Criteria and Filter or Group

      • After a Filter or Group is selected, the Contact List can be refined further by selecting desired field criteria and selecting Apply.
        • The field criteria and Filter or Group are joined by AND.