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    Change default browser for GM

    apollo Rookie


      I can't change default browser in GM 2015 using Control Panel - Set default programs.

      For example, default browser is IE, I change it to Chrome (Choose all defaults htm, html, etc to Chrome),

      but it takes no effect, GM still opens links in IE, despite htm, html files opens in Chrome.

      How can I fix it?

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          CDohme Apprentice

          The Goldmine 2015.2 support documentation only lists the following compatible browsers:



          Microsoft IE 9 /10 / 11

          Microsoft Edge


          Goldmine Connect:

          IE Mobile 11

          Safari for iOS 8.4 - 9.1

          Chrome 46 for Android

          IE 9.0 - 11.0

          Microsoft Edge

          Firefox 40-42

          Chrome 39-48

          Safari for OSX 8-9

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            DHunt Specialist

            Windows 10 allows you to choose Edge or Internet Explorer as your default browser.  I don't think that GoldMine has any control over this.

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              JDymon Apprentice

              GoldMine is a windows based application, and uses the built in IE/Edge browser(s) for all its HTML based viewing needs. Can not change that.

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                How come when I click a hyperlink in the GM+View tab (GMPE), I get a message:  "

                :-( Sorry, this page requires a newer version of your browser.

                When I click "Update your Browser", I get another message:

                "It looks like you’re using an insecure version of Internet Explorer. Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. For the best experience on the web, please update your browser.

                When I click the Update Now button, I get another message:

                Time to update

                            Support for Windows 8 has ended. To be more secure and enhance your browser experience, update to Windows 8.1.

                However, I am using Windows 10.  Any suggestions out of this circular hell.  I just want to click a hyperlink in the GM+view tab to get to a webpage, either within the GM+View tab, or ideally in a new window.

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                  JDymon Apprentice

                  Depends on your version of GoldMine. Older versions of GoldMine don't support Windows 10 or the newer IE/Edge Browsers, so applications/websites that you try to view in the GM+Views tab that don't support older versions of IE will tell you that your browser is outdated.
                  This is all related to compatability issues with older GoldMine versions and Windows 10.

                  Only GoldMine 2015.2 supports Windows 10.

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                    Jay ... Thanks.  I'm still on V.2015.1.0.208

                    I didn't know that small time lag would be a problem, but I guess this version came out before Windows 10 support.

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                      JDymon Apprentice

                      Also note: Some modern web applications do not work well with Internet Explorer or EDGE, Google Maps is one of them.
                      Internet Explorer is a horrible web browser and is not Web Standards Compliant and so some modern web technologies will not work well with Internet Explorer. GoldMine uses IE for its GM+Views and all HTML based rendering inside of GoldMine, there is no changing this. So even after upgrading some of your GM+Views will still not work well, because of limitations of the Internet Explorer browser.


                      We have several clients that used Google Maps for driving directions and displaying maps, this is now not possible, so we had to switch them to using Yahoo Maps and or other applications.

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                        CButle2 Apprentice

                        Up until now I have been using Google Maps and Google Directions as GM+Views. Have GoldMine users switched to Yahoo Maps? I used to enjoy the street level view of a customer's property. Is that not possible now? Where do I find additional GM+Views?



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                          JDymon Apprentice

                          GM+VIEWS do not exist until you or someone designs/develops/creates them. Over the years, many Goldmine VARS/Users have just copied/shared existing GM+Views that someone else created with the GoldMine community. If you are in need of a new GM+View, First Direct Corp.can certainly help/assist you with creating one that works for what you want to do. With the IoT (Internet of Things), that are available to us today a lot is possible. Its just a matter of developing it/creating it. Contact us for more information www.1stdirect.com

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                            Mark.Bennett1 Rookie

                            With Yahoo circling the drain, I'm not sure adopting Yahoo maps is a good long-term strategy. I don't have any ill feelings about Yahoo, I use them on occasion for certain services, but Yahoo is going to go to the junk yard in the next couple of years.

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                              JDymon Apprentice

                              Agreed, and I am not even a huge fan of the GM+Views integrations options for maps/driving directions.
                              It's nice to see on your desktop in the office, but what about when I am out of the office and need to see a map of my customers, prospects, or vendors?
                              When I need driving directions on my smart phone or ipad while in the car.

                              This is why I have been pushing for folks to look at solutions like:

                              Badger Maps - Field Sales Map App


                              Map My Customers - Customer mapping & field sales made simple

                              and other similar web services / web applications.