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    GoldMine Crashes When Terminal Server Users Click Attach Button in an Email

    Heidi.Maschmann Rookie

      Our GMPE 2015.2.0.159 is used by corporate office users and remote office users accessing our terminal server via a VPN connection. Sometimes, not always, when a terminal server user is creating an email and clicks the Attach button, it kicks them out of GoldMine without an error message. They go in and try again and it will happen 3-5 times more before they can get the attachment button to not kick them out and allow then to send the attachment and email. Logging off the server and restarting their computer  has sometimes fixed it right away but sometimes not. Local GoldMine users do not have this issue. FYI - Local computer GM.ini points to the server GM.ini that all remote users use. Any suggestions for a fix would be appreciated.