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    list of user defined fields?


      Is it possible to print a list of user-defined fields from GoldMine?

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          Try this simple SQL query:


            select * from contudef where dbfname = 'CONTACT2' and field_name like 'U%' order by field_name


          You can then Output To... the results to Excel and do what you want with it.


          Obviously, you can change the * field list to whatever you wish, as well.


          Hope this feedback helps.

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            Jason.Karoub SupportEmployee

            Another way to accomplish this is:

            1. Login to GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights.

            2. Click Tools >> Configure >> Custom Fields

            3. When the User Defined Fields dialogue box appears, right click on any entry and choose "Output to" >> Excel

            Please note that in both John's and my method the following fields will be included that are not really "User Defined" fields but rather out of the box fields >  User Defined 1-16 (USERDEF01 to USERDEF16), Twitter (UTWITTER), Facebook (UFACEBOOK), and LinkedIn (ULINKEDIN).