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    Make links in Goldmine open Edge, not IE

    kurt2 Rookie

      When I click the blue website link on the contact record or a link on the GM+View tab, Goldmine opens internet explorer.  However, my default browser is set to Edge.  IE is an older, outdated, bloated, less secure browser so why isn't Goldmine obeying the default settings?


      In Windows 10, I made sure edge was set as the default browser along with html and htm files.


      I checked theses registry keys and it's all three are set to htmlfile






      If Firefox is installed, I noticed those keys change to FIREFOXhtml which makes Goldmine use Firefox as the default.  Anybody know how to make edge he default?


      GoldMine PE 2016.1.0.182

      Windows 10 version 1607 Build 14393.321

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          LFletc Apprentice


          Support have given me the following....


          Kind Regards


          This is NOTIFICATION of an inclusion to an existing RM issue




          Your incident was added to RM Issue *** 249198 ***




          The date of the addition was  04 Nov 2016




          The following description is a generalization of the RM issue # 249198 as a whole and should be in strong relation to what you experienced but may not completely identical to your reported behavior. Please take the time to review the below submission and provide us a feedback if you do feel that your experienced behavior does not match the below information or if you want to add further details.






          [ISSUE]Hyperlinks within GoldMine open in IE although Edge was set as Default browser
          Windows 10 with Edge as the default browser

          1. Add into to the Website of a contact for example www.goldmine.com
          2. Click on the Website link of the contact
          >> RESULT: Regardless whatever you try the web site will always open in Internet Explorer 11

          GMPE: any compatible with Windows 10 where Edge browser  
          Database:  any supported
          Appserver OS: any supported
          Client OS: Windows 10 (all systems where Edge is available as browser)
          Browser: Edge

          GoldMine Technical Support has several Knowledge articles on how to change FireFox, Google Chrome and IE as Default browser (to work properly with GoldMine), but all attempts to set Edge do not work although they work for example with Word etc.

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