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    How to disable Goldsync?

    RFinch1 Rookie

      Hi there,


      We have a laptop that was configured to use goldsync , however, goldsync  is not required on this laptop [ never leaves the office  and is used as a desktop]. We want to use it just as the other networked [LAN] users do with out Goldsync. How do I disable Goldsync and have this laptop access the database the other office computers do with having  to use goldsync.





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          Doug Castell Expert

          uninstall GoldMine and SQL server from the laptop.  Then install the GoldMine workstation components like you would on any other workstation.


          Note that after you uninstall everything, stuff my be left over by both GoldMine and MSSQL in the various \program files\, \programdata\ and \program files (x86)\ folders.. If disk space is at all a concern, it might be prudent to clean up in there afterwards.

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            John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

            In addition to what Doug shared, you might also want to do the following within the server-based GoldMine (vs. the local copy that was just uninstalled form the laptop):


            1) Go to Tools | Synchronize | GoldSync Administration.

            2) Delete any components/items in the GoldSync Administration Center that applies to the user/GM install that was just uninstalled (e.g. Sites, One-Button Sync Profiles, etc.).

            3) Go to Tools | Configure | License Manager.

            4) Delete the Undocked user license that has just been uninstalled from the laptop.


            Hope this feedback helps. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

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              RFinch1 Rookie

              Perftect. that did the trick. THANKS!