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    Support Portal / Self Service Updates for GoldMine this weekend.


      Hello everyone.


      This weekend there are some new and exciting changes coming in regards to getting support for the GoldMine product.   Beginning December 4th, 2017, our self service portal will be fully migrated into the Ivanti Support Portal.

      Benefits of Ivanti Online Support include:

      • Support Portal - Totally NEW interface with better search to find answers.   If you need one-to-one help with your Ivanti products, you can log and update your support incidents online.  Support Portal guide.
      • Callback Functionality - Instead of calling through by phone and navigating a phone menu, you are now able to initiate call back requests directly through our Support portal for both new and existing cases. Read our portal callback FAQ.   Regardless if you use the portal to request a call, or call in all request will be handled in the order received.
      • Search for Product Advice - Our Advice Center offers powerful search filters that allow you to easily find technical content about our products when it's convenient for you. Learn more.


      Our knowledge base has already moved earlier this fall, and the new GoldMine area of the Ivanti Community is ready for you to check out.   The Ivanti User Community is where customers, partners, and even our support staff discuss Ivanti products on our vibrant forums. It’s also the new home of our knowledge base where we publish our documents, and post product news and other announcements.   The current GoldMine Community will remain up for a little while longer yet, but feel free to start new discussion in this new community.  


      Over the weekend our support team will be be moving to a new phone system internally, our support number will remain the same.   However you will hear different voice prompts when you call in.   The support team is moving to a new incident system as well, so you will see some differences with our email communications.   These changes will help improve your overall experience with getting help when needed.


      In the future we will also be launching a special area for Enhancement Requests / Feature Requests in our Ivanti Community as well.   We will also be migrating our current community into the new Ivanti Community before long as well.


      If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me personally.


      Ralph L. Copley

      Service Delivery Manager, Global Customer Services.

      GoldMine (a division of Ivanti)



      P: +1 719 278.7243

      8415 Explorer Drive, Suite 150, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

      [email protected]   www.GoldMine.com  www.ivanti.com