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    Query for Windows XP Service Pack 2


      Hi Guys,


      Good day, need your bright ideas. I'm trying to get query for those computers with Service Pack 2 as their latest. Do you have one in your pouch for this query. Before I was thinking to post this I've tried already the following.


      1. No problem for those Windows XP Service Pack 3 for they can be easily seen on machines inventory under "Software\Application Suites\Applicaiton Suite"

      2. Whereas I couldn't find any of these keyword "XP Service Pack 2" just like the SP3.

      3. I had tried to compare and look for the Security Updated Generic name for Win XP SP3 which is WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2 but I can't find nothing.

      4. I was also looking and comparing for the versions as I'm thinking it might work.