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    Server log keeps showing template not found


      I'm provisioning Dell latitudes to Windows 10. All is working good in our main office but branch offices are showing Map drive action errors after working successfully the day before. I notice many "Unable to find template for computer IDN xxxx" messages in the server log files. It just worked the day before so I'm not sure why it is finicky like this. Nothing has changed from one day to the next.


      I'm running Ivanti Endpoint Manager suite 2017.3.


      Any clues??

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          Aaron_Day SupportEmployee



          The "Unable to find template...." errors you're seeing could just be red herrings. We'll see that in working cores as it does happen time to time. What errors are you seeing in the Map drive logs on the devices while in WinPE? Despite nothing changing with the Ivanti configuration, other components involved can change and cause things to not work. I would verify that all preferred server credentials test correctly and haven't become corrupt for some reason. Also, you might check IIS logs on the core for any non-200 status codes when devices attempt to utilize ServerAuthentication.asmx to decrypt preferred server credentials.