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    Is it possible to a LIKE search in a expression

    AnthonyDowns Specialist

      Is it possible to do a like or contains within an expression? For example, I was trying to do something like this.

      if ParameterName in ("%ABC%") then " " else " "


      This expression works, but I have to list the parameters. I was wanting to use a wildcard search instead since they all have similar names.

      $(ForEachChild("ServiceReq#", RecId, "ServiceReqParam#.", 
      'if ParameterName in (\"txtABC_1\", \"txtABC_2\", \"txtABC_3\") then
      (ForEachChild("ServiceReqParam#", RecId, "ServiceReqTemplateParam#.", "DisplayName") + 
      \': \' + ParameterValue + \'\r\n\')
      else \'\'