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    Incident Assignments - Auto-suggest team based on selected CI, Reason & Location

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day!


      Ok, I know exactly what to do if this was Excel, LOL.



      In Incident we use a Reported CI and Reported Reason field. We then display the Reported CI's OwnerTeam so the Service Desk know who should probably be assigned the Incident.

      • If ReportedCI = "Printer - Local" then EscalationTeam = "Technology Support".



      This works until you start to look at the Reasons(issues) that people call in. Technology Support may not always be the correct escalation team.


      Often the OwnerTeam of a CI is not the team that would address a particular Reported Reason(issue). This may be due to the location where the issue is occurring, the type of issue, or perhaps the size of a location and the job duties for the personnel. This can be a lot of exceptions for someone to remember.


      For example, a Printer with a paper jam:

      • In some locations this is handled by Technology Support.
      • In other locations the General Services addresses a paper jam.
      • That said, Technology Support handles all printer menu errors.


      We need to suggest the team for the Incident Creator. Eventually incoming Self-Service Incidents will go immediately to the correct team and not need to be reviewed/relayed by the Service Desk.



      • Every CI has a Owning Team
      • CI's can have many Reasons (issues) - Printer jam, Dirty prints, Menu error
      • Reasons can have many CI's - "Application Issue" applies to many of our applications


      Every combination has a different Escalation Team


      CIReasonLocationEscalation Team (Primary)Incident Owner Team (Escalation Team + Location) (This would be calculated not stored)

      Printer - Local

      Paper JamCHTechnology SupportTechnology Support - CH
      Printer - LocalPaper JamSFGeneral ServicesGeneral Services - SF
      Printer - LocalMenu errorALLTechnology SupportTechnology Support - (Users location Code)




      What kind of logic do I need to read across multiple rows to locate the value in column? We would know the first 3 columns.

      I am thinking I need a Reasons workspace tat would be maintained with all of the routing options possible. I am not clear how I would get the final answer!? Is it simply a series of cascading validation lists constrained by the prior lists?


      Thanks for any guidance you can provide. This feels very complicated but hopefully is not.