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    Saved search: already used relationsship is missing for new "and" Filters?!?

    rhaa Apprentice

      Hi there


      I'm a bit confused...

      As you can see in the screenshot below, I wanted to edit a saved search to filter knowledge articles.

      I don't know who created this seaved search, maybe it's System default. The first two filters were already configured and contain the relationsship FRS_KnowledgeContainsKMFeedback (0...1 : 0...N).

      I wanted to add an additinal filter using this relationsship but this relationsship is not in the list so I cannot add a new filter.

      If I copy just the text "Wissens-Feedback via FRS_KnowledgeContainsKMFeedback (0...1 : 0...N)" it doesnt work. Any ideas?