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    How to read landesk version


      Hi all,

      I check on the inventory using this query:

      COMPUTER -> LANDesk Management -> Inventory -> Scanner -> Version


      i found this version :


      can you help me how to read it?

      I know that the agent is 8.7 agent, but i cannot determine the service pack .



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          Jed Employee

  -- Should be 8.7 SP4

 --  8.7 SP5 W / CR11128

 --  8.7 SP6


          -- Jed

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            In addition to what Jed provided...


            I'm assuming you're keeping a local copy of the Service Packs? In there you will find the LDISCN32.EXE (which is the file that this version is being read out of), so that you can have your own reference for how old the devices are.


            You can - similarly - get a feel for "how old" the agents are by checking the "configured on" date. This is NOT (!) the date on which the LDMS client was installed, but the date on which the installed LDMS agent's configuration had been created/written out.


            So for instance, if you create an LDMS agent configuration on 1.7.2009 and then another one on 3.7.2009 and have deployed those two to your devices, then you're going to have a choice of those two "configured on" dates.


            It's mostly to be taken as a "finger in the wind" measurement how out of date your devices are. If you're only trailing behind 1-2 inventory scanner versions, by and large you should be OK in general (unless of course you're intent on updating AV engines, etc.). The most frequent use of this is to find the older stuff out there, and identify the posts that don't seem to get updated at all (and to then be able to investigate what's going on with them).


            - Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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              Thanks Jed and Paul,

              Its very helpful.