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    iso booting


      hi, just started playing around with the Intel AMT stuff, enabled it on a Dell 755. Managed to remotely shutdown, reboot, power on, go into bios. But when i try and boot an ISO, nothing happens, it just boots into Windows. Am i doing something wrong? Do i need to enable something (i have enabed IDE-R and all the other stuff already)?




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          At a guess the answer is going to be that yes, some thing (usually minute and easily overseen) has been missed.


          Since I don't have access to any Dell's I can't suggest what that could be though (albeit, there are quite a few folks around the forums who do use them - the threads dedicated to using OSD with the 755's are proof enough) .


          Hopefully one of them will stumble across this .


          I would also check with Dell directly though, it's possible that they will have something of a "commonly forgotten" list of things to check (and each AMT box and BIOS is a seperate entity, so kinda hard to help here) .


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            Although we have not implemented vPro yet, I also had a TON of issues with the Dell 755 model when those came out.  Three main issues, first issue, Dell set these by default in the bios to boot with AHCI.  In the bios they list three options, AHCI, Sata/IDE, and Legacy, after weeks of trial and error and on the phone with 3rd level Dell tech, found out the Legacy setting is actually a dead setting, does not point to anything from the Dell tech.  Set this to the IDE setting and got it working on most of the 755's.  Second issue, Dell used a new e1000.dos driver for the nic cards, extracted it from the driver cd that came with one of the 755 pc's, and finally got it to boot with that driver.  Third issue, Dell did not always use the same sata cd rom drives in all of the 755's, some would boot to cd/dvd (phillips cd rom drives), some would not boot to cd/dvd (Sanyo and another brand of cd rom drive).  Fortuneately, about that time we switched to HP, so we only have about 20 of the 755's out there.  Not sure if this helps.

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              So do you just get a blank screen on the Dell?  Does it actually reboot?  What ISO are you booting to? What is the version of the Intel Management Engine Interface driver on the machine?  And does dell have a newer one.


              If you open Device Manager and go under the system devices it will list the Intel Management Engine Interfafce to see what version you have.  The 755 that I have is running XP and has driver version and the datae is 5/11/2007 and I have been able to get IDE-r to work with this driver.