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    Weekend Changes

    Dan_Mills Specialist

      Hi all


      I'm looking to put some control around changes that are scheduled for the weekend.


      These include:


      Must be raised by Monday at 2pm in order to be considered for that weekend.

      Any changes raised after that date need a pop up box stating inside the lead time - continue / go back (continue triggers additional approval workflow)


      I'm looking in the Triggered actions - Conditions, and I'm not sure what formula to use which will count down to the current weekend.


      Any thoughts and ideas would be helpful!



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          Dan_Mills Specialist

          (I'm looking at you DTurner AnthonyDowns!)

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            AnthonyDowns Specialist

            We are actually in the process of implementing Change within Heat, hopefully by the end of next month, so my experience with it is kind of limited at the moment.


            How are you determining date raised? CreatedDate?

            What is triggering the pop-up box?


            One way to get the weekend would be with the LocalDayofWeek function, It returns the number of the day for a given date.


            I might start trying different things with this as a starting point. This example should be true if the created date is Sun-Mon (any time Monday).

            $(if LocalDayOfWeek(CreatedDateTime) =< 2 then something else something)

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              Dan_Mills Specialist

              Hi Anthony.


              Yes Create date.


              I've started to get it working by using the below formula:


              $(LocalDayOfWeek(ScheduledStartDate) in (1,  7) &&

                AddHours(130, CurrentDateTime()) > ScheduledStartDate && Status != "Draft")


              Good to know we're on the same track!

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