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    Create Non Analyst Group

    Jessamine Rookie



      New here. I would like to seek guidance how can an end user view the Asset Management (read only)?

      He is part of the Finace team somehow auditing the assets.

      How to create group I think?



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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Jessamine I would tend to create an “End User” ROLE for this instead of a GROUP, as whilst the user is part of the Finance Team, only one/some of this group needs access. Also because this is a non-IT user they will presumably be accessing via Self Service (WebAccess platform) or End User Workspaces and in this context they don't have change group capability as Analyst user types do.


          Once you have the ROLE created you would need to focus on two areas IMHO:

          1. Create read only window(s) for your different CI types and create a window view named something like “Asset Read Only” and link this to your new role, finally adding view rules to each of your CI type business objects mapped to your readonly windows.
          2. Create a dashboard to enable you to give the user access to these CI’s from their portal UI and again publish this dashboard to your new ROLE. The dashboard would IMHO have a search query and a few grouped pie/bar chart gadgets etc to make access to particular CI type easy to navigate and of course you would drill in to see your read only view.



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