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    Server 2012 R2 Mandatory Profiles


      I am currently having and issue with getting mandatory profiles working correctly on Server 2012.


      I have setup the Shared folder with the correct share and NTFS permissions as per the Appsense documentation and have used a default user profile from a clean Server 2012 build as the base profile.


      When I logon as a test user with the RDS profile path correctly configured the profile works, but in the User Profile Manager on the server the profile is shown as type Roaming and Status Local.


      I am using Appsense to enable a registry key to "Delete cached copies of roaming profiles and when I logoff the user profile is removed from C:\users but the registry entry remains in the

      "HKLM\Msoftware\microsoft\windows nt\current version\profilelist".  Because of this the user is not able to logon again until I manually remove the entry for the affected user.


      At the time of logoff there is also a event in the Windows application log with ID 1534 - "Profile notification of event Delete for component {ADAB9B51-4CDD-4af0-892C-AB7FA7B3293F} failed, error code is The remote procedure call failed."


      I have previously setup .v2 Server 2008 mandatory profiles with no issues.


      Has anyone seen this issue before?


      Server 2012 R2

      Citrix XenApp 7.13

      Appsense Environment Manger 10.3