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    Deny from email

    maba Apprentice

      Hello, everyone,


      I have a question regarding the approval of requests via email. I have already created the required links in the emails according to the following scheme.


      $("<a href='mailto: "+GetGlobal("ListenerEmailAddress")+"?to=&amp;subject=RE: Approval%23 "+TrackingID+" &amp;body=approved'>approved</a>") and $("<a href='mailto: "+ GetGlobal("ListenerEmailAddress")+"?to=&amp;subject=RE: Approval%23 "+TrackingID+" &amp;body=denied'>denied</a>")


      The approval works great. Rejecting the request, however, does not. I get the following error message in the logs:


           Failed to status of the task approval # 1727 to "Denied"


           System.ApplicationException: The reason for denial must be supplied for 'Denied' status   at com.frontrange.saas.EmailService.DataAccessLayer.FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking.CreateUpdateFields(FrsApprovalVoteTrackingUpdateContext dataContext)   at      com.frontrange.saas.EmailService.DataAccessLayer.FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking.Update(String objectID)   at com.frontrange.saas.EmailService.SaaS.changeFrsApprovalVoteTrackingStatus(FrsApprovalVoteTrackingUpdateContext context, Boolean& journalCreated


      I have already deactivated the Required Rule for FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking.Reason (Default) - Reason is required when $(if Status == "Denied" then true else false) , but that didn't help either.


      In this context, I have another question. If I want to approve a request via the Self-Service Portal, I also get the text box in which I should enter a reason for the approval. Can this be stopped?


      Can anyone help here or does anyone have any ideas ?


      Thank you very much in advance

      Marcel Bade