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    CMDB impact mappings via an import file


      We have managed to figure out that importing data directly to the cf_config_item_relationship table which will create an impact mapping from web desk when you right click on the show impact mapping option, however we've not been able to figure out how to import this so that it shows up in a view/folder on console.


      The cf_config_item_relationship table somehow would need to join to the cf_view_relationship folder, but so far we are unable to figure out what the link is.  Also in the ci_view_relationship table there is folder for the view, but can't figure out what table contains the folder information. 


      So what we are attempting to do is take data and create relationship mappings through an import that can both be viewed in the console and web access.   We can import to cf_config_item_relationship but so far are unable to determine how to tell it which view and folder to create/import to in console.  Maybe that functionality does not exist unless manually created in console?