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    ISM 2018.1 Attachment issue

    GaryOco Apprentice

      Hi, We're having an issue with drag/drop attachments on ISM 2018.1 (see below) . We had this issue in Chrome, with 2017.3 and I applied the patch listed here: HEAT Attachment Error which fixed the issue.


      However since the upgrade we now get the issue in IE. If you press the attach button, and then walk through the wizard it works without issue, it's only drag and drop across IE and Chrome. I've searched the KB to no avail, anyone have any ideas? I attempted reapplying the patch in case that caused the issue, to no avail.


      When dragging/dropping you are prompted that you've been logged out due to inactivity (despite just logging in) and then the error "upload failed with error: undefined"


      Pressing OK, and then Renew corrupts the attachment giving it a zero size.