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    How to create an approval task to show only the group of approvers and not list all individual users


      How would we go about creating an approval task that would list only the group of approvers instead of listing every member of the group individually when only a single approval is required?  Using the Get Approval box there is the option for selecting the approvers from group and an option to Approve if any user for the criteria.  it is very cumbersome and to have all the users in the gourp listed individually instead of a single group that a member could accept and perform the approval.

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Gilrpin,


          The approval object is built such that you can configure the approval votes to be sent out to individuals, not a group.  What you are seeing are the separate vote records for each person in the group.  This is done for continuity and auditing of vote and approval transactions.  The only way I can think that you could do as you suggest is to make a common login profile that you would share to everyone in that group.  You'd essentially treat them collectively as a single person within ISM.


          This poses some other challenges with how to properly deliver the email notices, how to track which user approved an item, and other general security concerns.  From my perspective the risks outweigh the benefit of having a "Group login" as such.


          Another idea would be to use the group setup and as soon as someone logs in and votes, build out some automation that cancels, hides, or even deletes the remaining vote records so only the person who voted would still have a vote showing.  This could get confusing for your users however if they try to vote on something that's already completed.


          I hope this helps you understand what you are able to do within the Approval objects.



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            Hello Jonathan,


            I would recommend that the group be displayed miliar to a task assignment.  there is an audit trail based on who approves the request since users login in with their own individual accounts.  Having multiple users listed in the approvers listing is cumbersome and at times confusing since if there are 2 individual groups that need to approve a request you may have a large listing of individual users.  why would it not be able to be done similar to a task item where the task is assigned to a group or team?




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              Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

              Hi gilrpin,


              The Approval code is one that's been present in our ITSM solutions for several product lines.  It's largely unchanged as we have very few problems with it.  The presence of user-specific Vote records in the My Item object for self service access to the votes is a large reason for the current structure as well.  Additionally there's other logic in the Approval block that drives the automation that expects a separate vote record for each user that is allowed a vote.


              If you want to do this as you suggest I think you'd need to log a feature request and make your case to product management via the user voice portal (details below).  In the mean time, you might want to explore other options with trying to hide some of the vote records that you think are extraneous.  I'd think you could customize the object permissions to hide anything that's a pending vote and not for the current user.  You'd want to make sure the admin role is not affected however so the workflow engine's processing remains intact.





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