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    New Computers - CSVImport - MAC Address

    CMulca Rookie

      Note: We don't want to manually create baremetal devices nor PXE and manually authenticate/select the template etc.


      So I have thoroughly read over the CSV Import process here:




      From my understanding it should work like this:


      Create template  > csv file > use CSVImport > move mini-scan files to "ldscan" directory > Endpoint scans them in into inventory


      However, this article says the NIC-Address is mandatory and the examples show this as an IP which I will not have when unboxing PCs.

      I should be able to get a list of MAC addresses from my Vendor though. So my question is - will I be able to use the MAC in place of the "NIC - Address" (IP) ? My goal is to pull a new PC out of the box > PXE boot > and walk away.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So there's a "yes and no" here.


          "Yes" - a MAC-address *is* required, *IF* you expect to provision those devices (i.e. "PXE pre-targeting" ... that's the "when this device is hooked up to the network, it automatcally starts pulling down its intended image).


          "No" - you do *NOT* need a MAC-address for "just creating a device entry" (though it WOULD be very helpful), strictly speaking.


          Talk to your hardware vendor - getting a list of MAC-addresses for kit you're getting from them has been a pretty common request for the last 20+ years, and really shouldn't be an outlandish ask.


          So depending on what you're trying to do you "can" hack your way past without a MAC-address (or a serial number or "something"), but it REALLY helps having an attribute that we can marry the hardware to.



          Hmm - actually, you're talking about the NIC / IP-address. That's REALLY not something we care about for a CSV-imported record. That gets updated with "what the client picks up". So no - that's not a bare necessity. However, the "NIC-address" that we're after is the MAC-address. Looks like it's just the choice of name that is confusing. It's the MAC, not the IP here .


          Here's an example of a minimum viable scan-file for import (more info is better):

          Device Name =HELLESPOINT

          Network - NIC Address =000C293E78FC

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            CMulca Rookie

            Seems like the article I read is a bit off (there are a few things I thought were odd) . I will approach this using the MAC as the Data Value for "NIC - Address" - as I thought that made more sense. Thanks for your reply!