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    Get Approval based on team

    TimDensmore Apprentice

      I have a group called Team Lead Approvers that approve knowledge articles, but the approvals should only go to members of that group who are also in the same team as the owner.


      One solution would be to make an approval group for each team, but this is a much more static solution - I want something dynamic that can handle a change such as removing a team or adding a team.


      There doesn't seem to be an option within the "Get Approval" block that allows you to filter by both group and by team. Does anyone know how this can be solved?




      Tim D.

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          For one customer I have a system that dynamically builds Contact Groups in the fly, not built quite like that but could be done.  When you add an owner to the knowledge article you can build a workflow that grabs the team members and adds them to a contact group (usually I would call the contact group Knowledge 1234 Approval) once the group is built call the approval, once the approval process is complete delete the contact group.


          You will need a few relationships, quick actions and workflows and in terms of complexity I would put this as advanced.

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            TimDensmore Apprentice

            Thank you for your help - but I actually found a much simpler solution for what I need. Simply adding a field in the "Team" object called "Team Lead" made it easy to have a dynamic approval process.

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              xili Apprentice

              Hi Tim,

              Can you please elaborate a little as to how do you "plugin" your "Team object" to the "Get Approval" block? I assume you use ISM v2018.x. Or you developed your own mechanism to replace the functions of OOTB "Get Approval" block? Thanks.

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                TimDensmore Apprentice

                I just created new field within the StandardUserTeam object, which held the link to the employee object (Team Lead). For each team there is now a Team Lead specified (the same way manager is). I've built a business rule in the Knowledge object to link the Team Lead based on the OwnerTeam selected. When the approval block executes -- it's looking at the Team Lead directly linked to the Knowledge Articles.


                Does that make sense?