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    Link between workstation and software pakage get lost...




      We have seen now for a few months that the links between workstations and the sofware pakages get lost. Let me explain how we proceed for the sofware distribution:


      - in the public devices, we have created for each application a similar group

      - we link those groups to the scheduled applications



      We have noticed that some PCs tend to disapear from those groups. For example, we have a pakage called "Trend Micro - Virus" that should be linked to each PC. We have about 400 PCs, but about 300 do no longer appear in the group list.


      See attachments: landesk.jpg shows the "Trend Micro..." group that contains 118 computers, compared to the landesk2.jpg that shows about 450 computers. At least 400 were members of that group and we have not deleted or destroyed the lost 300...


      Another exemple: every PC should have between 15 and 30 applications linked to it through groups. In some cases, the PC has no more than 1 or 2 links yet, probably the last created links.


      It really seems that after a while the groups loose some members (PCs).


      Has someone experienced that ?

      Where is the problem located ?


      Thanks for any advice, reply, solution...


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          I can't answer why devices are going missing, but the method you are using looks to me like it could be improved.  Instead of using device groups where you have to keep them manually updated, why not use puiblic queries?  Write a query that tells you the machines that have (or don't have) the software and the list will always be up to date.


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            The groups go off the Computer IDN field in the database.  It shows up in the inventory as ID (not Device ID, that's something different).  If the device has been removed for any reason then it will be recreated with a new computer ID.  If this happens it is no longer in any group.


            Now, the question is, what can cause that to happen consistently on a large number of machines.  If you check the event viewer on the Core server see if you have inventory related errors.  In particular see if you have Duplicate Device ID errors.  I think this is going to come down to some kind of problem where your nightly maintenance is removing devices because it thinks they are duplicate.

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              I think you're on the right way...


              We are constantly concerned with Inventory DB errrors 0. The only solution I found to that was to repair and rebuild the DB... Then it works agin for a while, generally a few days, and the problem reappears...


              So the probably solution would be to find out why the DB has such problems... Is there another way, then repair/rebuild ?


              Thanks for your reply


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                What is the detail on the Inventory 0 DB errors you are describing?  Does it say you have duplicate Device IDs detected, or something else?  Knowing exactly what error you are getting would help.

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                  I have deleted all the entries in the application event log. We found out yesterday that Landesk is set to do a maintenance on the DB but at the same time the SQL server was set to shut down. So we have changed the maintenance time. Perhaps this was the cause of our DB problems.


                  There is also another possibility: we tried to update from 8.7 to 8.8, a few months ago, and the update process did not work correctly leaving us with, probably, a mix of 8.7 / 8.8 components.


                  If the problem with de DB persists, and we will be fixed in the next few days, I will post the exact error...


                  I think we will also plan to migrate to version 9 as soon as it is availble, with a full new installation.


                  Thanks for your help