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    How to inject password into sysprep.inf


      I use Landesk provisioning to deploy our standard image,and the computer must  join domain when installating, so I use JoinDomain item with a common domain account, it coming a question, this common account will change password every 3 months, how can I inject the password to DomainAdminPassword in sysprep.inf, instead of delete script and create it again?  I know the install script can inject %ldHostname% to computername item in sysprep.inf, it is very convenient.Is there a simular method to change password?My Landesk Management Suit version is 8.7 sp6

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          I wasn't aware we had a Join Domain action in 8.7 (although if we sneaked it in with SP5 or SP6, I would indeed not have noticed). The join domain action was one of the features introduced with 8.8. Another new feature was a "use variable for password" option on a number of actions, including join domain.


          If indeed 8.7 now has a Join Domain action but no "use variable for password" checkbox, then my workaround would be to use the netdom command line tool and put a variable in the command line where the password should go.

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            Hello Jan Buelens, I use the sysprep to join domain, I find the resolution to replace the password with variable, under" [Identification] DomainAdminPassword " item in sysrep.inf, replace the clear text with %password%, and inject the sysprep.inf into core server, it works well(I define the %password% in core server).

            And very thankful for your hard work of HII, I find your ducoment in this community, followed your instruction to resolve a HAL issue(my standard image use "old process" to degrade HAL, so the new gen laptop X200 not work),  your Autoit executable file HALconfig and copydrivers worked very good, these resolved my big trouble. Thank you very much!