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    Export computer records

    rhall@corby_borough_council Rookie

      We use Endpoint Security and install the Endpoint Security Agent on all our computers, and now we would like to export the details ready for import into our Help Desk software - Hornbill. How do you do this?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So - that depends by and large on "how they store data" (and I'm going to guess that they have a completely different data paradigm to us) ... USUALLY you will want to point "database to database" type stuff in these situations and/or talk to the help desk company (Hornbill in this case) about how to INJECT data into their product (and how to keep it up to date, etc).


          A few things can help you from our side.

          • Getting Started with the MBSDK (Example Scripts Included) -- allows you API-based access to a bunch of things, including dynamic queries, so you can script your data pull pretty easily.
          • You could do a "database to database" copy / sync script ... whilst I can point you to a bunch of stuff in our database (stuff like devicename, network information seems like the basics, but it depends on what else you're after), a lot of it will come down to how / where the Help Desk software stores its data & how you can get it in there.
          • If you want additional data (say - "Software" or "Patching information") then that'll depend on how their respective data paradigms work ("how data is connected") and whether the two concepts (theirs versus ours) can be translated between each other.

          I've never heard of / ran across Hornbill, so I've no idea how easy / hard it would be to set up (or whether there's a pre-existing) integration tool for hoovering up the data out of the EPM database.


          Does that help you with getting out of the starting hole a bit?


          (I'm trying not to give you information overload, but just "these are your first few steps" type descriptions).

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            rhall@corby_borough_council Rookie

            I am assuming our core name is lumension08.FQDN.FQDN.FQDN but when I try to get to the suggested page http://lumension.FQDN.FQDN.FQDN/mbSDKService/MsgSDK.asmx?WSDL.GetVersion() . I get this:


            Can you help?




            [post edited to anonymise FQDN / company references]

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              I've edited your post to remove the actual FQDN name & anoymise it a bit (as a safety precaution - this is an open forum after all).


              Now - if you use the LUMENSION stuff, ... that'd be a separate set of API's & such (you've ended up in the EPM (old "LANDesk") side of things).


              To help you out with the name / TLA jargon, this should be a good aide -- Ivanti Product Names & Acronyms .


              OK - so for Lumension related folks to help you, you'll want to (re-)post your question here -- Device Control (DCL) (Powered by HEAT) .


              It shouldn't change the basic premise (data to be copied from one database into another product) ... but I can't give you any information on the Lumension DB / capabilities to help you with that, apologies.


              Does that make sense?