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    Landesk 8.8 Reporting - Device Classification (other & unknown)


      Hi There,


      Can anybody tell me how they classifiy the "Other" and "Unknown" classifications in landesk, to give them a server / desktop classification etc. As i am writing a crystal report on the managed devices, so where its "other" or "unknown", i look at the Operating System, to "thumb suck" what the device could actually be - which could be very wrong, to classify something incorrectly.


      Does anybody out there, know how to overcome this issue ?




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Generally, context would help somewhat.


          Are you talking about UDD stuff? Which report are you talking about? The information so far is rather generic and leaves far too much room for guesswork for anyone to be able to provide useful help.


          If you specify better what you're after, we should be able able to help.


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Hi Paul,


            I am refering to managed devices that are in All devices.


            What i am trying to work out, is that, in landesk managed devices, some could have a classification (chassis type) of Unknown or Other.


            My question is, when landesk classifies "other" or "unknown" what mechanism can i use to work out what the device really is, the Operating system could lead me in that direction, but i cant be sure. And would be incorrect to say its a server, by looking at Operating system, but actually it could very be a desktop.


            What in practise does landesk do, for those devices, as i need a reporting mechanism to help me work that out. As management in our organisation need to know what an other or unknown device actually is.


            Or do we not venture down this road, and say its an Unknown device or an Other classified device, and that is it.



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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              COMPUTER - SYSTEM - Chassis Type?


              We pull this information from WMI, mostly.


              We try to interpret as best we can (i.e. "if something has a battery, it should be a laptop) what device is what. Sometimes the needed information is simply now in WMI (you will notice for instance that a virtual (VMWare) client will show up as "Other" in chassis type).


              So we try to be as helpful as we can be, but in various situations that information is simply not there (this is going to depend on hardware).


              I believe we've had some situations where even though we could determine whether or not a system had a battery (great indicator for laptop-yes/no), the chassis type would not be determinable. This is all down to WMI - and that's a situation where we can only provide what information is there.


              We can't tell you what we can't find out, as it were - and some hardware is less than forthcoming on such things in WMI.


              - Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead