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    Linking Imported Assets to users


      Within LANDesk ITBM 7.2.6, an excel data import / mapping has been created. Within this excel file, all assets are defined with several details, including the user where the asset is attached/located to.


      However, when imported, these assets aren't actually 'linked' to the users. Within the asset management a "link" can be seen (within the asset window itself), but not the other way round: within the users "configuration items" folder in administration, no items can be seen. Therefore, also not in the incident screen.


      I also found out that if I do a manual "add configuration item" at the user in the Administration module, it WILL appear correctly. At that moment, in the database, an entry is created in cf_user_config_item. This makes sense, as it looks to be the actual link between the asset and the user.


      My question is, how do I configure the data import to automatically create this link? We are importing hundreds of assets and I don't want to link them manually to the users.


      Attached are some screenshots from the steps mentioned.