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    how to filter alerts?




      new to posting on this group, and fairly new at LANDesk. I have set up my alerts to email me for events that I would like to track and it works pretty much as I would expect; however, I was wondering if I can not be alerted if the LANDesk is iniating the behavior?


      ....example, I have an alert set up if anyone installs software; however, I do not want to receive an alert if LANDesk is installing updates/sp's, since I already approved those.


      Another example would be using an alert to tell us if the staus of someone's NIC changes, but, we are using connection control manager to turn off a wireless card when they are plugged in at the office, so I receive emails each time someone boots up, because LANDesk is disabling there wireless card as there lan connection is made.


      Just wondering if there was some advanced editing that could be done to eliminate some of the things that you do not need to be alerted on under some circumstances.


      Thanks an advance for any help