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    Software dist with Provisioning Problem Please help!!!!!!!


      I am having a problem distributing software using provisioning. This is what I am trying to accomplish -uninstall the older version of the software, reboot, run a script to clean files left behind, and then install the new version of the software and reboot again. Well I created a template for the provisioning and tested it several times with a few computers and everything was looking good the template worked perfectly! so I decided that it was time to go live and push the template to all the computers that needed the upgrade 380 in total. It was my surprise the day after to see that none of the computers got the upgrade and that all of the computers showed as "delayed" So I called LANDesk tech support and they suggested to use tasks with 20 to 50 computers in them instead to see what happened. They were sure that it was going to work. So I scheduled the template 20 times and put between 10 to 20 computers in them and scheduled for this morning at 3:00 am. It was my surprise to see that after 3 hours running none of the computers have been upgraded and all of them showed as "active" but nothing was happening on the systems. So i decide to do it different I cloned the template 20 times and scheduled each of them and moved 10 - 20 computers to each of the new tasks --I also deleted the original tasks. This time all the computers were put on "Delayed" and nothing is happening on any of them. What is going on!! has anybody push to more than a few systems a the time using provisioning? I am so disappointed


      I am running version 8.8 SP3 on the core and agents.



      I don't know if this is a LANDesk limitation or if it is a bug in LANDesk that makes it not to work. Please help!!



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          I am the support technician that helped you through this.  [-8


          Just so anyone else looking this up knows the resolution, here's what we did:


          Instead of using Provisioning we made a batch file that was able to handle reboots.  The instructions for doing that are found on page 25 of the document found here:



          We added the following lines to the end of the first batch file:


          sdclient.exe /onreboot /bat /p="Name of batch file to run" /cmds="Parameters"

          sdclient.exe /reboot


          This forced the client machine to reboot, but then picked up with the new batch file after that.  The document also shows how to run that all in a single batch file, rather than across multiple batch files.