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    LANDesk with OPEN SUSE


      Did anyone get the vulnerablity scanner to work in OPEN SuSE 10?  What I did to get things to work so far:


      1)Tried to push agent from server, successful as unknown distro but ldi scan gave segmentation fault

      2)chagned /etc/issue & /etc/suse-release to reflect enterprise version & pushed software again

      3)IPMI directory was missing and ldiscan was complaining about that so I copied it from another server

      4)manualy installed cba8suse-8.8-0.34.i386.rpm

      5)ldiscan now works and you can see the inventory report from the console

      6)run vulscan and it complains about libcrypto.so.4 & libssl.so.4 missing so I created links to libcrypto.0.9.7 and libssl.0.9.7 and ran ldscan.  At this point the vulnerability scanner does not return any output (good or bad) and does not return any data to the server.