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    All incidents in the same "X" as Raise User

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



      I'm trying to work out the best way to display sme query results in the portal (SP).     On the "User" Business Object we have an attribute "X" (doesnt really matter what "X" is though in this case it's a Department ID imported from AD).


      I want a query in SP that lists all incidents which are in the same "X" as raise user. So in my particular case where X = Department ID, All incidents in the same Department ID.  The end user can see theirs and those of their departmental peers.


      Any ideas?  On the surface I thought it would be simple but cant do criteria in the form "where raiseuser.X = currentuser.X"


      I can't see a way of doing (especially as Calculations on Queries never made it into 7.3) unless some magic can be done in BOD? I only want it in a single query though so BOD level filtering seems excessive.