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    Cisco VPN Install in provisioning template


      Hello all,


      It seems that if I add the Cisco VPN install package as part of a provisioning template, the template fails to complete (it stops at that step) even though the Cisco VPN client is getting installed fine.  If I push the Cisco VPN client with a Scheduled Task, it installs fine.  Apparently while the Cisco VPN is installing, it drops the network connection for a split second while it adds its own stuff to the device manager.


      Has anyone been able to install a Cisco VPN client via a provisioning template?

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          That's a bit of a tricky problem because right now provisioning won't attempt to contact the core server.  If it tries once and fails, it's done.  If you're absolutely sure that the reason for the failure is the disconnection, and not any kind of non-zero exit code or something along those lines I'd try and put it in a batch file or script of some type (AutoIt, vbscript, etc.) and put about a 30 or so second delay after the VPN is installed.


          This can't be done by just adding a wait command to the provisioning template because the behavior it will follow is:


          Contact core, get VPN install instructions

          Install VPN stuff

          Lose connectivity momentarily

          Attempt to report back to core and get next instructions/return result of current task


          Regain connectivity


          We'd never get the wait command.  Also, a lot of this behavior is streamlined a bit in 9.0, with more improvements on the horizon.