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    LANDesk Login Script


      A little background....


      1:1 school with LANDesk 8.8.  Machines are running Windows Vista, XP, and 7.  The students do not have admin rights to their machines.


      Our servers are running Windows Server 2000.


      At the beginning of the school year we ghosted each machine (around 1000 machines) and installed LANDesk while setting up Outlook, printers, etc...


      When a machine goes down we have to reghost it and install LANDesk again, which is kind of a pain becuase we have to set up their profile then log back in as an admin to the machine and install LANDesk.


      My question is, is there a way to make a login script that will check to see if LANDesk is installed and if it isn't install it automatically?  Keep in mind the students do not have admin rights so when they log in and something tries to install it will be denied.


      Any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks!


      (I have very limited knowledge with AD, login scripts, LANDesk, and most other things.)

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          cgodden Specialist



          Are you familair with the "umnamaged device discovery" in landesk? My adive is to use the unmaged device discovery once the machine is reloaded to find those dsystems and use the advanced adgent to deploy LANDesk to the system.

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            How do I go about setting up an advanced agent and set it up for a scheduled task?  I see the unmanaged devices.  I also see under agent config where it says advanced agent.  It creates a msi file but I'm not sure how to browse to that file to set it up to deploy.  Also not many options when you choose advanced agent just gives 3 options, standard or peer to peer, dynamic bandwidth, and limit remote downloads.  Am I in the correct area?  Thanks for all the help.

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              cgodden Specialist

              In the agent configuration just right click on teh agent you want to push and just stick with teh default settings. Once you do that there is a button button.jpg this will schedule an advanced agent deployment. Then just drag those unmagaed devices into the scheduled task