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    Can you still deploy XP with LD 9.0?


      Hi all,


      This may be a ignorant question but I was just wondering if we can still deploy XP images with LD 9.0?

      We're still a way off from migrating to Win7 and more than likely will wait until new machines start coming with 7 pre-installed so of course we've got an extensive library of images for all our machine types.


      We've set up the 45 day trial of 9.0 in anticipation of doing a lab-to-production migration and I've noticed that it now asks for the WAIK to be installed, however I've yet to delve into the new WAIK way of doing things (yeah, yeah, I'm old fashioned...)





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          zman Master

          Yes you can still deploy XP. LANDesk uses parts of the WAIK in the OSD process. Instead of validating against a WINPE source you have to use WAIK. Good part it is free (WAIK) as opposed to the old version of WINPE.

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            Thanks Zman,


            Now to just read up and figure out how to... ;-)





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              I'm just finishing a machine with it now.


              We did a fresh install of 9.0 - but I just copied my XP install over (by hand) and it's working better then it ever did on 8.8


              I had to re-install the NIC driver to the WinPE image (4 inf files) - but the built in tool made that much easier then it used to be.


              Looks like the NEW PE supports AHCI native - so that is nice.


              I also find the new PE Faster.


              If anyone is interested, and lets me know where I can post the OS script and directions for doing a Lenovo Laptop/Desktop from Raw to ready to go in one scritp (os install, patched, agent, drivers, software) I'm happy to put back in to the community...

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                Hi Erik,


                Not sure where you post it here but I'd be keen to get a copy of what you got - we use all Lenovo kit here and it may make the transistion easier. We had to do some pretty extensive changes to the 8.8 deployments to get all the Lenovo stuff working right.


                If you could email it to me that would be great (email address is available by putting your mouse over the persons name in the thread).





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                  If you use lenovo too - how about we work it out here (I could use other ideas) and then we publish to Droppedpackets (I think that site has D/Ls)  - Or I'll post on my web site.


                  Here is my general flow (I ran in to a snag that I am working on with support - but this basiclly works):


                  1. Prep the HD

                  2. Install Windows XP (scripted install) - With PNP Nic dirver and AHCI if needed

                  3. use ThinInstaller to update all drivers / lenovo software from local respository (admin version of system update)

                  4. install landesk agent

                  5. install lenovo software (DVD, Burning etc..)

                  6. Install std software packages (PDF, Flash etc..)

                  7. Install office Software (Office, visio etc..)

                  8. Patch all approved patches (3 passes with reboots)

                  9. Clean up the HD and Defrag



                  I don't put on a domain - becuase we prep off domain and move over later - but you could easily add to domain in there..


                  do you do anything different?  am I missing anything?  I also have a contact in Lenovo that can help with install issues...



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                    Sounds cool with me, picked up a lot of great stuff from Jack over at droppedpackets.


                    Looks like your steps are very similar, so here's my setup;


                    - Custom install fresh XP image using factory disks (remove all factory crud prior to install e.g. McAfee, trial software, etc)

                    - Update Lenovo BIOS, drivers, software (local repository - same as yours)

                    - Customise XP (e.g. Add / Remove some Windows software like Messenger, Outlook Express, MSN, etc)

                    - Install local software (e.g. Office, Acrobat, extensive list etc)

                    - MS Updates

                    - Clean HDD (temp files, defrag, etc)

                    - Sysprep

                    - Catpure HDD image to Lenovo R&R partition (this creates a pre-domain image on the HDD so even if we can't get to the machine we could if needed talk someone through restoring their machine without being connected to the network - we've used it a couple of times and it was a lifesaver)

                    - Capture HDD image in LandDesk


                    We do the same as you with regards to domain - it's easier and less complicated to join the domain afterwards.


                    At the moment we have about 15 images covering all of our Lenovo models and probably like you we can have a boxed machine on the network ready for login in about 60 - 90 minutes.


                    We leave the agent off the image as we were told it wasn't the best way to do it and install the agent after image deployment.



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                      I'm actually doing scripted installs - not image based.  so far I only have to maintain 2 scripts for all lenovo (thinkpad and thinkcenter) - and that is simply the AHCI script (intel chipset) and the non-AHCI script.


                      I am interested by your use of RR - I may be asking you more about that...


                      Do you do all of that with scripts now? or is some by hand?


                      My goal is to make machine setup 100% automatic - just enter the name/mac and Landesk does the rest...


                      I'm also trying to write my scripts so they can easily scale to remote sites.  We have VPN to our remote sites and most have a Management server on site where I could keep a copy of all the install files - if anything every goes wrong with a machine - LD could remote rebuild the machine right on the desk.


                      I'll do up a document with what I have and if you wouldn't mind giving it a read and make any suggestions.



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                        We opted for image based since we're a NFP / Charity I can't quite get the funding to get additional management servers at all my sites.

                        The intial image creation is a little labour intensive but more time is spent waiting then actually doing anything.


                        The R&R capability is pretty cool and hats off to our Lenovo rep who showed us how to set it all up. I've got documentation on it so your welcome to it.


                        For image deployment we simply PXE boot, select image and away we go - after deployment, join the domain and it's done.


                        I wanted 100% zero touch early on as well but a few things stumped us and we found it easier to continue with what we got (small IT team and we're stretched at the best of times). We've got remote sites like you but luckily their all connected via our WAN, with that said remote deployment hasn't been an issue since everything comes through us first. I've chatted with other LD users who have remote sites that buy locally and then they have to set it up so scripted installs in that environment make sense.


                        We're also using the TVT version of LD at the moment but I'm thinking of going back to the vanilla LD when we migrate to 9.0 simply because we don't really use all of the add-ons.


                        Happy to help / look over / plagiarise / share / comment, etc, etc