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    Webdesk filter question

    Adam Wilden Expert



      On our Console version we have added a query to our User screen which lists all incidents raised by them - it's very useful.


      But not sure how or if we can do this for WebDesk as it would require a filter (against a run-time value) based on  Incident or Process rather than System.


      Any ideas?



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          Hi Adam - Webdesk doesn't support prompting queries in the same way as Console, but a filter will indeed do a very similar job.  Call the filter something like By user# so you can tell the query from  the filter.  Write the filter on incident management/incident against incident management/incident, add the items you want and on the criteria use the raise user attribute as the source and use a runtime value to compare against.  This will also be raise user.


          I'd create a new window for WebDesk and in the usual way add a query to the window, but use the filter you have just created.  Repeat for by category and by CI if you are using those queries.

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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Thanks Dave,


            This is exactly what we've done for our "Calls for User" filter on our main Incident window and it works well on both our Webdesk and Console windows.


            The problem is that the filter isn't available to use on the User window.


            Whereas all queries seem to be available to all Windows, only certain filters are available to each Window - I'm assuming this is dependent on what they are filtering on and against.


            i.e. as the filter mentioned is filtering on Incident Management it doesn't show in the dropdown when adding a query to the User window.


            Cheers - Adam.

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              Oh Pook - I mis-read your question!  Time for some better brains to kick in here then.