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    Create exclusion query


      I'm hoping there is a solution ot my question.  Currently, when I want to distribute software to my computers, I create a query to determine which computers need the software.  Generally, there are 20 or so that for one reason or another won't be getting the program installed.  Basically what I've been doing is this:

      If SOFTWARE doesn't exist, AND computer name <> X, AND computer name <> Y, AND computer name <> Z.....  (twenty times).


      I guess I'm asking if there is a better way to do this?  Can I have task that installs to one query (group of machines) but exclude a subset?



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          egarlepp Employee

          In the package you can specify a prerequiste query where you can filter out devices that do not meet the installation criteria for the packge.  This should get you what you want, if i am undertstanding the question correctly.

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            Thanks EricG.  I do understand that part.  I suppose it's the query portion I'm asking about.

            Ideally I would like a query that did this:  Select * from COMPUTER_GROUP except EXCLUSION_QUERY


            Meaning the main query would use the exlusion query as a filter


            Hope that clarifies.

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              egarlepp Employee

              Ah, ok.  So i guess the key would be to identify what is specific to these systems that you don't want to install the software to from the others that you do.  Which i am sure you are thinking.  The thing that you could do is have these systems or any other systems that you do not want to have software installed to and write custom data that is unique to them in the LD DB and use that as a 'NOT LIKE' in your query.  For example, i would use a vbs script that can be used via GPO, or landesk deployment that writes a piece of custom data like "no Adobe Flash" or whatever in the registry key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\Inventory\Custom Fields and it will automatically pull into LANDesk.  You can then use that key to exclude the software install.  If you use a GPO, you can assign a security group in the AD and have systems assigned to it to write the key and this will make the process less manual.  Hope this helps, there is a few ways to approach this, but ultimately getting what is specifically different and identifying it from other systems is the key.

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                Thanks EricG.  The GPO method sounds like the way to go.

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                  Joshni SupportEmployee

                  That is a good way of doing it.


                  Another easy method to do this would be to


                  1 create a new group under my devices.

                  2. Create a new query that looks for all of the computers without the software that you will be pushing to.

                  3. run the query.

                  4. press Ctrl A to highlight all of the devices that the query returns.

                  5. drag all of the computers to the group that was created in step 1.

                  6. delete the 20 or so computers that you don't want to push to.


                  when you are schedule the job you can just drag the new group that you created down to this task.  It is probably a lot faster than typing everything into the query field.



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                    Joshni SupportEmployee



                    Sorry just noticed that this was in the Service Desk froum not LDMS..


                    Not sure about how this works in service desk. But it would would great in LDMS!

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                      phoffmann SupportEmployee

                      Thread moved to LANDesk - Inventory, since it's not related to Service Desk.


                      - Paul Hoffmann

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