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    query on reminders


      I'm fairly new to console and have seen quite a few references in the manuals along the lines of "Your system administrator may have created a query to enable you to access your reminders when they activate". Can someone help get me started on this - I'd love to be able for users to see all their O/S reminders

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          Hi Dawn,


          I'm not familiar with that phrase myself but I think I understand what it's getting at.  The Reminders object in Service Desk is usually hidden from view - its mail purpose is to send notifications to your Users when something happens in the process.  However, it is also possible to create Reminders to get sent in the future - irrespective of where the process is at.


          Without being familiar with your requirements it's quite difficult to give you specific advice.  However, creating a query on the reminder object is quite simple, I'd imagine the hard part is working out how to filter it to only show Reminders for a specific User.  If you'd be kind enough to explain your architecture in a bit more detail we'll be able to give you more advice.





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            Hi Lara - I'm probably being a bit dense here - what info do you need about our architecture?

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              Have withdrawn i it's not that important