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    Service Alerting






      We have several alerts setup for our business critical services on all our servers in over 570 locations. The way I understand LANDesk when alerting on a serive is that if there is a change of state on the service the alert will fire. For example if we are alerting and monitoring on the RPC service and it stops due to the server rebooting an alert will fire to the console and then you can do into the log file and see which services failed. The question I have is their a way to see or troubleshoot wih the LANDesk tool to find out why the service changed state. In my example this is easy the server rebooted, however if there is not reboot then it is really hard to find out why the service changed state unless you remote into the server and drill into the event logs (or use the log manager within LANDesk). It would make sense in my eyes that LANDesk would also be able to corelate this failure with a root cause analysis. This may be asking for to much out of the solution but it would be much more efficient if the LANDesk server manager could drill a little further into the cause of the error. Any thoughts.






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          Unfortunately, I think you've already found the only methods to help you out with services. Event Logs. Building that type of functionality would be absolutely fantastic but, I think, it would require much more capabilities than is already inside LD.



          In those types of event here, we have to cross-reference events with other tools that can do that type of analysis, such as HP SIM and mesh that together with other events as well to build some sort of a picture when we're trying to resolve a puzzling failure.



          Sure would be nice though if LD could do it all by itself, just not gonna happen any time soon methinks.