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    Query creation using a collection

    jasoncadman Expert



      I've created a query from the Incident object in the main, but have also created a new object (Scheduled Information) that will store data on times, dates, details of when a job is scheduled.


      The job can be scheduled multiple times and therefore each call can have several scheduled items associated with it. The query that I'm trying to put together takes basic incident information user, title, details, current analyst etc (I've attached a screen shot of it). But i would also like to display the latest scheduled information that was input against the job.


      Here are a couple of problems i'm struggling with


      1) I would like to move the Schedule Information to the main query window from the collections tab (I have a sneaking suspicion that this isn't possible)

      2) Only have the latest Scheduled Information viewable - filtering out all the others


      Thanks in advance