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    Windows 7 AIK


      Can the Windows 7 AIK be used to validate the WinPE licenses? Is there any drawback for doing this? Is the AIK used only for license validation? ie no file copied over

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          zman Master

          I used the Win7 AIK for my Windows 9 cores with no issues.

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            We do use files from the AIK that aren't included in our WIM image we ship with (due to not having rights to send those files out).  That means if you do this you will be using an unsupported and untested configuration.  If you call into support and it is find that you used Win7 AIK it might (depending on the problem) jeopardize your ability to receive support unless you are using a supported and tested configuration.


            So basically I'm saying that while I don't know of any problems doing it, you would be doing it at your own risk.

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              The reason I am asking is I have an Optiplex 760 that I tried to test our image with but the PE image did not have NIC drivers. Normally I would just inject those in but I would kind of figure that those would already be in the default driver set. So that got me to thinking, well I used the Windows 7 AIK but LANDesk want the Vista AIK so if the drivers were already part of the LANDesk PE image then they are vista drivers but since I used the Windows 7 AIK I would need Windows 7 drivers. (I do think that most vista drivers work on Win 7 though) Do you see where I am going or do you think I am barking up the wrong tree and should just inject the proper drivers?

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                zman Master

                If you want LANDesk to support your environment, then you have to play by their rules, this is very understandable. If you want to live on the bleeding edge, then use Windows 7 AIK. It all depends on your comfort level. My 9.0 environment is ProdLab right now so I can take some risks. If you have to ask the questions, inject the drivers ;-)

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                  OK, I can provide definite information on this topic.


                  The boot.wim file we use is based on Vista.  Even if you use Windows 7 AIK the boot.wim file is based on Vista.  There are a few supporting files that come from the AIK that would be coming from Windows 7, but those files are not main WinPE files.  They are things like the bootloader (which should be similar or the same from Vista to 7) and ImageX (which should be fully backwards compatible from 7 to Vista), etc.  These things most likely won't cause problems, but my warning before still applies: If they do happen to cause problems that's on you.


                  The end result is that even with Windows 7 AIK you've got a WinPE 2.1 environment, and Vista 32 bit drivers should be utilized.




                  As you can see, Zman types faster than me.  [-8

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                    Thanks for all the information

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                      zman Master

                      Speed vs quality - LOL.